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Why This Book?


Yes, it does happen that dying people rediscover the self they lost in life. Yes, learning and growth do happen near the end of life. Yes, the dying do come to grace. And, the amazing things that sometimes happen between the dying and loved ones can be permanently transformative for both. But, none of these things happen routinely or in a vacuum. Indeed, the physical, medical, and social foundations supporting such emotional-relational-spiritual openings are not even in place, and the context of dying is too rarely that of presence, witnessing, and authentic engagement. And, we are not taught that we, the living, have the ability and the responsibility to create the space in which such opening and growth may occur, and that we, too, must open and grow.

With only the vaguest awareness of such possibilities, Artemis March and her mother intuitively lived a journey into the unknown that not only was grueling, exhausting, and scary, but also opened to mutual growth, healing, and grace. Their journey challenged mother and daughter with the same question: "How do I let go of my life?" Yet as they danced with one another and surrendered themselves to the mysteries of dying that our society has taught us to fear, they each remembered who they were and discovered the other at the most profound level.

Having gone through this enduringly transformative process, Artemis was transfixed by the question: "What if we hadn't gotten there?" Unthinkable! She had to write this book! Its beautifully crafted narrative unfolds a haunting, three-generation story of creating paths through loss and shadows, while reframing dying as a dance that can restore wholeness and complete a lineage. Dying into Grace teaches us dance steps that focus caregiver attention and priorities, and shows us how to dance so that our journeys with our beloved dying are all that they can be for everyone intimately involved.


"Healing and wholeness are always possible. . . Even as people confront death, they can reach out to express love, gratitude, and forgiveness. When they do, they consistently find that they, and everyone involved, are transformed—for the rest of their lives, whether those lives last for decades or just days."
Ira Byock, MD




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